Warren the Young

Warren is human spellcaster with a strong sense of right and wrong and a stronger desire to help and protect others.


Warren was born in a small unnamed hamlet near Evenside. He displayed some innate talent with the arcane from a very young age, able to slightly recolor objects and create small sheets of force by at least five. When he was eleven, a man in dark armor visited the town and cured it of an infestation of annoying kobolds in a small ruin nearby. The man stayed for several days, and on the last day he was there, he systematically and mercilessly slaughtered every adult there for now apparent reason. He left without a word when he was done.

Warren took up a small level of leadership over the children younger than he as the older kids shepherded the group to Evenside. The children were broken up and sent to stay at different homes while a place was found for them. However, Warren’s magical talents were seen, and he was sent to live with the only spellcaster in town, an old but not yet venerable man named Pethorn Wyvernjack.

After Warren recovered from his grief, Pethorn took him as an apprentice and taught him to control and hone his latent talents. While Warren seemed apt with all schools of magic he attempted, he excelled at those of Abjuration, protective spells. Whether this is due to an inborn skill or a desire to protect based off of his past is unknown. Unusually, Warren also seemed to take after Evocation, the offensive opposite school of magic.

Warren quickly graduated from apprentice to journeyman, and eventually left for the city of Farview and the Blue Defenders that based there.
Warren proved his worth easily and was joined into the order of priests and mages as the youngest-ever member, at sixteen, thus earning him the title “the Young”.

Warren trained with the Blue Defenders for many years, though he had never seen actual combat. Possibly for this very reason, though his high skill level and historical learnings were most certainly a part of the decision, Warren was assigned to assist the Silver Swords in an expedition of the ruin of Bale Keep.

There, he and his fellows fought and defeated an aspect of the dark god Breddith, though at the loss of several allies, a result that Warren blamed himself for, being unable to save Illusionist Te’nlev inside Bredith’s soul. They took a relic they found there to Ermlinger Creek, the site of the last battle of the Dozelmair-Malforian war. The archer Link submerged the artifact in the waters, causing the creek to swell into a mighty lake, wiping out the Malforian orcs.

Over the next five years, the city of Foursquare rose and Warren and the others were known as “the Heroes of Bale Keep”, though the truth of exactly what happened there is held only by a small group of people. Warren and the non-Silver Swords were christened as honorary Silver Swords. The young wizard also became a member of the scholarly group known as the Learned Uncles, and became an assistant instructor at the established Mage’s College in Foursquare, where he met his current girlfriend, Astoria.

However, the time of prosperity ended with the disappearance of Captain Dmitri Xant, the Silver Sword that led the expedition. After a short delay, Warren joined those searching for him in the Dimvale. With the help of Ethan Easter, Warren descended into the home of the mythically evil Mordanth to inform those it concerned of a mountain-shattering earthquake at the Gimli Mines, a dwarven mine that Gromminique and his family owned.

Gromminique and cleric Quincy left with Easter for the mines, so Warren and new allies Deyst and Kanen Set were left to cross the acid swamp. Set made it far before falling in the acid and being burned alive. Warren and Deyst made it quite far together, somehow managing to avoid the notice of the vicious Balicanths. Eventually arriving in the entrance to the Rotting Elf’s lair. Once more Warren pretended to be allied with evil, assuming the guise of the thing’s contact with the outside world.

His ruse fell much faster than before, and had it not been for the power of the relic known as the Moonstone, he, Deyst, and the found prisoners would have surly died. Helping Xant, Silver Sword Eltron Goldstone, and Elven Prince Starisen. The group once more found a way to cross the acid while the Balicanths threw themselves at the magial barrier. Once again, Easter showed himself to save the day, ferrying survivors up to the surface. Warren, the last to go, was scratched by one of the swooping beasts, contracting Dimvale Fever.
Once on the surface, Warren and Easter used Eltron as a willing sacrifice to seal off the portal to the Mordanth and its ilk forever. After a brief trek to the Elven kingdoms to report their ‘success’ and collect a reward. Then, after a surprising reunion with the reformed (and naked) Kanen Set at Ethan Easter’s cabin, and temporarily losing Deyst to Crossfire Ale, the group set off for the Gimli Mines.

They met up with Gromm and Quincy, and, using his new scepter, Warren was instrumental in the defeat of two Orst near the side entrance. Warren, Dmitri, and Kanen fell prey to a watery trap, but they (or more rather, Dmitri) managed to fight them out.
The two halves of the party met up and rescued the last remaining dwarf from the nest of a sleeping Mandragora Beast.

The group rested in the barracks as the beast awoke and scavenged the larder for a meal. Kanen Set and Quincy surprised it with an attack or two, and Warren let a massive bolt go from the scepter the Elf-king had given him. A bolt of lightning from Quincy had a peculiar side-effect on the monster, and while it was distracted, the party tore it to bits. Small, nonthreatening bits.

After another quick rest, the group used a manual lift to lower themselves into the mines proper. As they descended, an exhausted Quincy gave out, and in a feat of surprising Strength, Warren managed to fully operate the station they shared alone.

After the lift reached the bottom, the party discovered an abandoned barracks, shortly followed by a not-so-abandoned one. The desecrated place contained the animated corpses of six Dwarven warriors, which the party managed to defeat with a degree of difficulty.

Then, as they emerged into the central cavern of the city-like complex, they were approached by a severely distressed gnome. Bored, Quincy slipped away without notice, followed not long after by Kanen. Once they realized this and heard the roar of some unknown danger, Warren set off to find and help the two. He found them as well as a metallic Mandragora beast, and all fell into a deep slumber at its song.

When he awoke, he, as well as the other Heroes of Bale (and Kanen) were stripped of weapons and armor and bound to stalagmites. Once everyone was awake, a familiar face walked in. It was Luritz. But as he spoke, it was revealed that it was in fact Te’nlev inhabiting the body of Luritz. Breddith had exercised its power to revive a mind and a body of the fallen of Bale.

Ztirul Veln’et left, and had it not been for the timely arrival of Ludvig van Drunken to free them of their bonds, the whole group surly would have perished at the hands of various horde creatures. The group fought frantically, Warren using a levitation spell to rise above the melee and cast spells from above, drawing the aim of the horde archers, all of which seemed to be terrible shots. From this vantage point, Warren had arguably the best view of his closest friend besides Dmitri and Astoria, Quincy, getting torn to shreds.

Through the efforts of all, a path to an exit was ‘cleared’, and the entire group ran as fast as they could. Kanen Set turned at one point, and sacrificed himself to slow down the horde so the others could get away. The remaining Survivors of Gimli came to a wide pit that Warren, Gromm, and Ludwig were able to cross via small rope.

However, the weight of Dmitri’s weapons, armor, and muscle was too much for the rope, and it snapped, causing him to fall into a deep pit.

The other three continued, dismayed, and came across a chamber full of stalactites and stalagmites. Inside a large chest was all of the gear and supplies they had taken from them, save for Warren’s Archnul bracers. As they walked, one of the stalactites came alive, trapping Gromm and Warren with tentacles. With a few well-placed Magic Missiles, Warren broke free and unleashed a devastating fireball from his recovered scepter. Within moments, Gromm, too, was free, and the pair killed the roper.

As they departed the mines for last time, they met up with Dmitri, who fell into an underground stream that emptied out not far away. The friends left Gimli, heading for Foursquare where they could recuperate, rest, and process what had happened.

Not long after, Warren took a trip to Farview to deliver a speech to the Blue Defenders. Read Warren’s Speech to the Blue Defenders.

Warren the Young

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