Warren's Speech to the Blue Defenders

The following is Warren’s speech, given to the Blue Defenders, urging that they send help to protect Foursquare from the invasion hes.

“My fellow Blue Defenders, protectors of the weak, defenders of the innocent, I come to you today with a heavy heart and a worried mind. Some of you may be aware of my journey to Bale Keep six years ago. In that unhallowed mountainside, I met Breddith, the ancient evil god of vermin. My allies and I clashed with it, and we lost three friends. Despite those losses, we thought that what we did there had put an end to Breddith’s plans. We were sorely mistaken.”

“Very recently, I ventured to the Dimvale to tell my friend and fellow Hero of Bale, Gromminique Riptor, that his mines had collapsed. He left to investigate, and I stayed to assist in finding the Silver Sword, Corporal Dmitri Xant. He, along with the elven prince and another highly ranked Silver Sword, were being held captive by a dark undead creature that stole their blood. We barely escaped with our lives.”
“After a short rest, we managed to catch up to Gromminique on his way to the Gimli Mines. There, we found that the mines were infested with undead. We were captured, my companions and I, and awoke to a horrible sight. Dozens, if not hundreds, of Underdark creatures, Bugbears, Goblins, Orcs, and more, surrounded us. Leading them, in the name of Breddith, was one of our old allies from Bale Keep, corrupted by Beddith’s dark soul. And he had [[Barhott’s Blood]]. It is a very real thing, not just some Dwarven fairytale as I had assumed.”
“Five people entered those mines. A powerful Cleric, a skilled Ranger, a talented Fighter, an awe-inspiring Paladin, and myself. Only three of us emerged.”

“This evil legion is planning something. Something big. Something evil. I call upon you, Blue Defenders, to do whatever you can to protect the people of Foursquare from the dark times ahead.”

And so they have been warned, all of them. Yet…time passes…and nothing happens. The guardians of Foursquare, poised for an assault, dismiss the Defender’s “rants,” taking to calling him “Warren Doomsayer.” His reputation sullied, the (now not so) young spell-weaver retreats to the obscurity of arcane texts and research, along the way finding solace in the arms of his companion, Astoria, the daughter of a humble innkeeper. With no “great threats” on the horizon, she begins to pressure him for a firm commitment. And perhaps, with so many brushes with death, it IS time to retire from the trail.

And that is how it seems to be for all the survivors –for a time…

Warren's Speech to the Blue Defenders

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