Foursqaure is the modern day designation for the largest city in New Dozelmair. Foursquare is a fast-growing city, made up of a variety of races and factions, each with its own agenda when it comes to carving up the newly conquered lands of Malforia. Outwardly it is a well-organized, well-fortified bastion of Dozelmarian power situated alongside the beautiful, blue waters of Reyetta’s Rill (commonly called Reysrill by the locals). The interior of Foursquare belies its lawful appearance, however.

Early Days (Abbey Nicia): Foursquare was originally an isolated monk settlement located on the far reaches of Malforia. The Nicene(nice-scene) monks , a peaceful order devoted to Yulta, founded an Abbey along the sliver water called Ermlinger’s Creek (which later became Reysrill, as we shall see). Abbey Nicia was far off the usual trade routes, and so was fully self-sufficient by necessity. Hunting in nearby Tanglewood was usually fruitful, the lands were fairly fertile, and enemies were few.
The Abbey remained an entity unto itself until the last years of the Dozelmairian-Malforian War. Ermlinger’s Creek was the focal point of the final battle between these two enemies, a battle won by the northerners thanks to the application of great and powerful magic on the part of Sybaris, Lord High Justicar of the Fabled Knights of the Silversword. The legends say that Sybaris called on the power of the earth-mother herself, who caused the creek to swell to gigantic proportions, swallowing up the bulk of the main Malforian force. After 16 long, bloody years, the northerners suddenly found themselves victors, and possessed of the lands south of the creek, which had somehow turned into a great river overnight.

Foursquare emerges: Under the direction of the new council, Dozelmair immediately set about creating an establishment along the newly christened Reyetta’s Rill, building first on the site of the old Abbey, then expanding on both sides of the river. An unlikely alliance was struck with the Clockwork Gnomes, an entity once considered mere legend. Almost overnight, the Clockwork produced a thriving metropolis along the abundant banks of the Reysrill. Through means no one really understands, they produced the imposing and impressive Fort Goldstone, completing a 5-year project in 18 months. The Gnomes naturally carved out a presence east of Nicia, and continue to contribute to major projects to this day. Their alliance with the Ch’ren Dwarves, who own and run the nearby Grolesh mines, brought valuable building supplies and trade goods for New Dozelmair.
In short order, Nicia expanded into four major areas: Nicia (split into two sections, Old and New); West Ward, Sybirton (named after Sybaris), and, of course, The Clockwork Quarter. Rapid expansion came to an abrupt halt recently due to unexpected developments at the mines (the report is there is a contract dispute between the Clockwork and the Ch’ren). As a result, West Ward stands mostly “incomplete,” with vast, undeveloped lots, waiting for eager Gnomish hands to develop (or the less adept humans).

Areas of Foursquare: Foursquare gets its names from the four major quarters it is divided into: Nicia, Clockwork, Sybirton and West Ward. The central government is overseen by Dozelmarian representatives at Castle Goldstone, though each quarter has its own representatives. This makes local government somewhat inefficient, due to the often cantankerous relations between the various factions and their representatives. The quarters are connected by two bridges, the Bridge of Beginnings (west) and the Bridge of Hope (east). The former bridge is a human creation, and a solid piece of work. The recently completed Bridge of Hope is a monument of Gnomish ingenuity, a suspension bridge made of the finest materials the Gimli mines has yet produced (some say the Gnomes still owe the Dwarves payment for the materials, which they cannot produced because they exceeded the budget Dozelmair provided them [hence the recent work stoppage]).


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