• Aurina Gem'Aurel

    Aurina Gem'Aurel

    Aurina is a half-elven archer from Clear Lake. She was rescued from Orst raiders by the party, then fought beside them against the White Hand. With her home destroyed, she joined the Heroes of Bale Keep.
  • Bronwen


    Bronwen is an elven master of the bow. She was a trainee for the Warriors of Ashtree before her master's death led to her meetup with the Heroes of Bale Keep.
  • Deyst


    Deyst is a roguish elf with a sense for adventure and a weak stomach for alcohol.
  • Dmitry Xant

    Dmitry Xant

    Dmitry is powerful warrior and a former member of the Silver Swords. He is possessed of a strong sense of duty and righteousness, acknowledging that even the law is sometimes incorrect or insufficient.
  • Gromminique Riptor

    Gromminique Riptor

    Gromminique is a strong dwarf that wields the devastating axe [[Necksplitter]]. Various traumatizing events have caused drastic changes in personality and psyche, but he will always pull through for the best in the end.
  • Ilveck


    Ilveck is a Wild Elf of the Orstfell, a "tattoo-mage" who joined the party ruing its trek cross-country to Fifthsent.
  • Kanen Set

    Kanen Set

    Kanen Set was an almost suicidal Elf. Who could blame him when he had swords that ressurect him whenever he falls in battle?
  • Lawrence


    Lawrence is a an elf that is the male warrior counterpart to Bronwen. He has proved invaluable in battle and is becoming fast friends with Dmitry.
  • Link


    Link was an adventurous elven archer. He was bond-brother to [[:tj]], but lived much longer than his reckless counterpart.
  • Quincy


    Quincy, the lone Cleric of Croatia, is a peculiar Elf with a knack for getting herself and others into danger.
  • T.J.


    T.J. was a roguish human, bond-brother of Link. He didn't appear to be fully aware of, or care about, the danger he liked to put himself in and seemed to treat life as some form of tabletop game.
  • Wade


    Wade was an elven refugee of Malforia. Few of the group knew him well, save [[:link]], who shared his criminal past.
  • Warren the Young

    Warren the Young

    Warren is human spellcaster with a strong sense of right and wrong and a stronger desire to help and protect others.